1. thyBigfoot's Avatar
    Something is really bugging me:
    When Apple presented OS 3.0 for the iPhone one new feature was dock access for apps. They even (tried) to demo it with a physical experiment and some medical accessory.

    I found it really exciting because I could imagine many great new accessories for my iPhone.
    There are great possibilities:
    - Dock adapter for connection of digital cameras
    I want to be able to connect my camera, download pictures and post them on Facebook for example!
    This shouldnt be a problem. You could do this previously with older iPods!!
    - Adapter for add-on cameras with more MP (Ok, that one could not be in Apple's interest)
    Great would be also an add-on frontface camera for Skype video chat...
    - IR-Adapter - One could use the iPhone as universal remote control

    I'm sure everyone in the community has more ideas...

    But where are they? Is the certification for iPhone compatible accessory that complicated that even months after only the TomTom Car Kit saw the light?

    What do you think? What is happening here?
    11-02-2009 05:34 AM