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    Hey all,

    I know I am new here, well newly registered. I have been a lurker for sometime now.

    I picked up a battery pack for my iPhone 3gs, the Luckypacks i-up 5400 and wanted to share my experience with other iPhone users.

    First I want to say the customer service at Luckypacks is AMAZING!!! I ordered my i-up 5400 from their site as I had a trip coming up and wanted a battery I could use the entire weekend without bringing my power brick to charge my phone. When I got the battery it worked for one charge and then stopped. I emailed Luckypacks and within minutes I had a response and an address to send my battery back. They sent me a new battery and even paid for my shipping of the bad battery going back to them. The whole time they were in immediate contact with me via e-mail.

    Now onto the battery. I gave it a full charge per the instructions and left for the weekend. The battery gave me enough power to charge my phone and my S9-hd headset all weekend long. I charged the phone at least 5 times, not from dead, but from about 50% or so. Same for the headset. It finally died on Sunday night. The battery also has an led light on it and it helped me in the morning when it was pitch black and I needed to get dressed with out waking everyone else up.

    The pack comes with a dedicated retractable iPhone charge/sync cable and a second retractable usb cable and a slew of adapter tips.

    I would not hesitate to buy an i-up 5400 especially if you want a battery that will fully charge your phone more than once.
    11-01-2009 09:17 PM