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    I was wondering If I need a screen protector for my iphone 3G or not,if so whats the best one? I've heard that the screen of the iphone 3G is quite durable being its glass and doesn't scratch easily,is this true? I'd be carrying it in my pocket away from change or keys,so what are the odds on it getting scratched? Also if I do need a screen protector whats one thats easy to apply? I tried a few tonight and they all get those air bubbles underneath no matter hoe I try to put them on.
    10-17-2009 01:38 AM
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    I didn't want one since it's a ***** to do and I too care for it like if it were my first born child or something lol. But after time, even though it would be in it's own pocket in any of my pants, it'll still get light light marks/scratches around the chrome. So it won't be long till the screen might get a light scratch out of nowhere from who knows what. All screen protections are more or less the same except there's 3 kinds that I know off.

    Non-reflective which makes the screen look like a plastic screen kind of but when you swipe your fingers whether your fingers feels sticky or not, it slides flawlessly on the screen protector. And it eliminates reflection from light so that's a plus if your always in a place with lots of ceiling light or you always use your phone outside where the sun shines constantly. Bad part I guess is kind of makes the things you see in the screen look a bit blurry but you can't tell unless you have 1 iPhone with it and one without one and if you want to use your phone to see a quick reflection of your face, your out of luck.

    The other kind is a mirror screen protector which is exactly what it sounds like. When your phone is off, the screen looks like if it were a mirror and gives great refection off anything. And when it's on, you can't notice that it's there, reflection is eliminated from the screen. Bad part is that it looks a bit too much chromish look to the phone and when it's on, it sucks to use it in the daytime with a lot of sunshine.

    The last kind of screen protector is a clear which is the one I have. Basically looks pretty much invisible and does not restrict any reflection. It's as clear as the glass on your phone and feels like the glass on your phone.

    Now I have the screen protector that doesn't complete go around the Home Button, just arches around it. Also to help apply one to your phone, you have to make sure there is NOTHING on the phone, the main reason you have bubbles is because there is a tiny tiny spec of dust or w/e. Clean it till you see nothing on the phone, not one spec other than the waves the wipe makes on the screen. Once you got the screen cleared off, apply using a credit card and slide it down the same time you peel it off and applying to the screen. I got mines perfect after actually taking my time cleaning and applying. Bubble free and looks sleek as hell. Hope this helps.
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    10-17-2009 06:03 AM
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    Yes! Absolutely!
    10-22-2009 10:04 AM
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    100% you need a screen protector. And now a days, you will get a casing which also gives you the screen protection. Go to the following link and you will get the best one for your iPhone.
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    10-23-2009 01:35 PM