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    OMG, I just received my Solo and Solo FX cases.

    I've tried so many cases. Frogz, Rebel, Incipio, Switcheasy...

    Of all my cases I love the Solo the best.
    What's in the box.
    Booklet, clear slightly tacky screen protector, stickers

    Look and feel-Outside
    I got the black case and it is opaque. There is some detail on the back with the name iSkin in black. The outside of the case is sturdy while being pliable and it is shiny but doesn't show fingerprints. It gives you the feel of a silicone case but more substantial. The case covers the volume toggle on the side and the power button. There are cutouts for the mute, headphone output and the charging port and speakers. What I like most about the case on the outside is that it fully covers the silver easily scratched chrome ring. When the case is on it wraps around and makes a nice uniform look and feel.

    Look and feel-inside
    The Solo has a nice almost suede feel inside. The inside is awesome and seems to me it will help in thwarting back scratches (my biggest worry).

    The Solo FX (cost more than the Solo)
    What's in the box.
    Booklet, mirrored slightly tacky screen protector, stickers

    Look and feel - Outside.
    I got the red one and it is sorta transparent with opaque circles as decoration. This case is virtually the same as the solo except for the transparency and lack of cool suede inside.

    Lack of the suede inside definately puts the Solo FX behind the Solo is in my book.

    I'm nursing a pinched nerve so my review isn't as good as it could be. My meds are making my stomach upset. I can answer any questions you have about this or any of the other cases I've owned. I hope I can help you make better case decisions than I have which can save you some dough.
    08-01-2009 02:12 PM