1. Markus2171's Avatar
    I've been looking at the Complete Canada Drive Safe.....heard anything?
    07-30-2009 03:46 PM
  2. tapmyapp's Avatar
    I like the Belkin FM Transmitter
    08-06-2009 11:12 PM
  3. AttaQ's Avatar
    I also have a simple Belkin FM transmitter. It seems to work fine. Personally I think the hardest thing is finding a good FM signal that is not being used so that the FM transmitter can actually do its job.
    08-07-2009 10:37 AM
  4. zach steel's Avatar
    A friend of mine is using belkins FM tranmitter and its working good with his iphone, on the other hand I have a cheap chineese FM transmitter but as far as the functionality is concerned its good but some times, its display light automatically goes off and then after some times it comes back but the quality is good.
    08-15-2009 07:53 PM
  5. melmoe's Avatar
    I have the Belkin tunebase. It (usually) is great: it gives hands free calling and works through the car's speakers, it scans for the best FM freq to use, it even has an extra line-in jack and a USB port. However, lately it's been erratic. When playing music, it keeps pausing and starting again, playing the music in fast-forward, and keeps turn the voice control on and off. It's very annoying. Has anyone else had experience with these symptoms?
    08-25-2010 01:48 PM
  6. stkywik's Avatar
    I was never able to find a good FM transmitter, so I eventually just got a new car stereo.
    08-25-2010 02:06 PM
  7. crazybest's Avatar
    how to fm work :P
    08-25-2010 03:26 PM