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    Okay people I am getting an iphone and am looking for the perfect set of earphones. I am selling my itouch which I was using my sennheiser cx-400's with but now I need some iphone compatible IEM's with an L-jack only. Tired of faulty wiring issues. My price range is nothing over $60. I really like the Nu-Force ne-7m. I have heard great reviews. I am not an audiophile but I like clear sound with good bass. I am looking for some headphones with no less bass than the cx-400's which is why I am torn between the Nu-force and the v-moda vibes (The ones with the new L-jack). I have heard the Nuforce can be lacking in bass but I really like the the small music/ call control button and that it has such great reviews and its only $50. Can anyone help make a comparison between the vibe duo's the Nu-force and the how the bass compares to the cx-400's. I dont want the vibe duos if the cx 400's sound better bass-wise and clarity wise. Oh and I can find the vibe duos on amazon within my price range so thats not an issue. THX FOLKS!
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