1. JokerKAce's Avatar
    i have a pair of JBL REF 610 bluetooth stereo headphones. They always pair perfectly with the bluetooth attachment that comes with them. Recently i upgraded to the 3.0 firmware because it brought A2DP capability, and i wanted to be able to use my headphones without that extra little piece. when i turn on the headphones and enable bluetooth on my 1st gen iphone, the headphones are recognized, but when i try to pair them, it keeps saying not paired. is there something that im missing or that i have to do to be able to pair them? any feedback will be appreciated.
    07-11-2009 04:12 PM
  2. JokerKAce's Avatar
    07-11-2009 08:51 PM
  3. Alli's Avatar
    I didn't think the 1st gen would be able to do A2DP even with the firmware upgrade.
    07-11-2009 10:38 PM
  4. chobbs1's Avatar
    Like Alli said I don't beleive that the 1st gen phone is equipped to handle stereo Bluetooth.
    07-12-2009 10:41 AM
  5. h4rk's Avatar
    That is true, the 1st generation iPhone does not support the stereo bluetooth feature or the upcoming (if you live in America) MMS feature. Sorry bro, time to go get a 3GS.
    07-12-2009 10:59 PM