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    Seems like theres practically no one talking about the new pocket projectors that have hit the market so I figured I drop my review here:

    After doing research I picked up an Aaxatech pocket projector which I just received the other day

    It was basically a toss up between the Optoma PK101 and the Aaxatech P1 projector. Although the Optoma unit is sleek looking, thinner, and lighter I went with the Aaxatech unit for the superior resolution, better brightness, on-board video / SD card support, and of course since Im not made out of money the price (which was like $150 less)

    I received it yesterday, heres a quick write-up:

    The projector itself looks well built good solid unit, fairly ergonomic, buttons all work, no real issues except the A/V input output could probably use some strengthening as when I bend it real hard the picture distorts. It is fairly light, fits perfectly in my hand, and is about the size of my Ipod but thicker. A bit bigger than the Optoma unit though.

    The picture quality is surprisingly decent. The resolution isnt spectacular (640x480), and the brightness wont knock your socks off in a lit room, but it is definitely viewable. At night and in a dark room is where this projector really shines. I am now making it a ritual of downloading some HBO shows on the memory card every day where me and my girl are watching it on my ceiling at night before we sleep. I can EASILY project a 60 image in the dark and it is bright, clear, and totally watchable. We are both loving it.

    The on-board menu system is nice to have although the menu is pretty gay looking.

    Only downside is I cant get the unit to talk to my computer (which has a very temperamental USB port) but its not a big deal since I have a 2GB micro SD card. Another issue is it wont decode 1080i movies and it will crash.

    But overall this projector rocks, especially the 60 image in a dark room.

    I just with that someone combines the sleekness of the Optoma unit with the specs of the Aaxatech unit.

    Or better yet, when is Apple going to build one into their phones?!?!
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    Great work. Thanks dude.
    02-19-2009 02:16 AM
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    No prob man... check out the 60" image at noon!

    03-18-2009 03:42 PM
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    Thanks for your review. I'm thinking of showing a photo montage with sound outdoors. I have a Macbook and Altec lansing inmotion max imt702 speakers. What I would like to do is connect this projector to the macbook (3 years old). Will this work for that scenario. I need sound and an outdoor environment, at night of course. Can this device hook up to external speakers?
    07-16-2009 04:25 PM
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    Just an update:

    I've had this since Feb and so far everything's still running great. LEDs are suppose to last a really long time and so far that seems to be holding true. I do use external speakers for this on the most part just because I'd like my audio to be louder than the built-in speakers provide. There's a VGA adapter which I purchased that allows this to be hooked up to any laptop with a VGA out. Hope this helps
    08-13-2009 06:21 PM
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    Check out my review for the Aaxatech P1 in this forum. I'm too noob to posts URL still :/
    09-11-2009 04:46 PM
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