1. EnterpriseGlobe's Avatar
    Sorry if this is common knowledge or if it's a re post.

    I always understood that 1 click pauses/un-pauses the music and 2 clicks advances to the next song. But I didn't know that 3 clicks goes back to the beginning of a song/previous song.

    Pretty nifty!
    01-26-2009 12:34 AM
  2. dooks88's Avatar
    I didn't know that either. Will have to check it out. Thanks!
    01-26-2009 10:10 AM
  3. Maniacfive's Avatar
    I've known this for a while, but only through reading a tip like this! works a treat when youve got gloves on and listening to a familar playlist (snowboarding for instance) all you haveta keep outside your jacket is the lil mic.
    01-27-2009 02:04 AM
  4. EnterpriseGlobe's Avatar
    Thanks for your response I'm looking forward for more replies...
    01-27-2009 05:18 AM
  5. chad718's Avatar
    If u click 1 time it pauses da song or hang up da call..click 2 times next song..click 3 times restart da song or go back to da previous song..
    05-29-2009 10:32 PM
  6. Tramain's Avatar
    Cool good news to know I did not know about this.
    05-30-2009 05:26 AM