Sell Your Old iPhone For Cash!

What's my iPhone worth?
  1. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    If you haven't already, go read Bad Ash's review of the awesome custom TiPb Element Cases, graciously provided for us to give away by the fine folks at, then hurry back here and tell us why *you* should be the forum member who gets one.

    Do you drop your iPhone? Have you already broken one? Do you need this level of protection? Or are you the hardest of hard core gamers? Do you need a smoking hot case not only to impress your iPeeps, but to keep your precious iPhone safe under all that gaming strain? Or is there another reason entirely? Tell us your best, funniest, most touching, most tragic, most triumphant story and YOU might just be the first person to start the new year out with a one-of-a-kind fully TiPb'd out Element Case!
    01-03-2009 07:12 AM
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    ^ r u sure u r not a movie script writer?

    love the style
    01-03-2009 07:32 AM
  3. lgreenberg's Avatar
    My reason for wanting this case is fairly simple.

    I need the protection.

    You see, this is me

    As a firefighter I worry about carrying my iPhone into burning buildings or onto accident scenes. I've dropped it a few times and banged it a few more. So far it's survived but I'm sure if things continue like this it'll suffer a catastrophic injury eventually.

    Sometimes I remember to take my phone out of my pocket when the tones go off. But then I'm on scene and can't call my loved ones to tell them I'm okay, or when I'll be home. I even bought a second phone to use as a beater phone for work but I just couldn't stand not using the iPhone so the second phone didn't last.

    Thanks for the chance at winning the case. It would truly come in handy.
    01-03-2009 07:38 AM
  4. phile's Avatar
    If lgreenberg is the real deal, he's got my support.

    01-03-2009 07:52 AM
  5. Feltonamus's Avatar
    I am a regular visitor to TiPb daily checking in on new news and reviews. As far as mac products go I'm a supporter of the Apple family. I have had a spiral of down luck the past few months. In May I lost my iPod and was saddened by my super loss. 18,000 songs that!. I took it in stride till one day while working on some designs on my tower I got a message System Failure (tried to add link but I'm new so my ratings 0 in forum) on my screen. So that shut me down for a few. It finally started working again for a few months until my scanner shot a power surge into my mac killing the logic board. All in all I'm still a supporter to the Apple family. I guess I think total protection of my iPhone is necessary since the universe is targeting my prized Apple possessions.

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    01-03-2009 07:56 AM
  6. Wyatt's Avatar
    My iPhone goes from my hands to my pockets on a regular basis. As a Campus Police Officer/EMT my iPhone remains in use on and around campus daily. I have already dropped it several times; fortunately it was in a case until it finally broke. I've been looking for some "real" protect that won't impede my use of the screen and the Element Case looks like it's just what I need.

    Seeing a give away like this after coming in from a long overnight of overtime makes it all the worthwhile. Thanks for the contest guys.
    01-03-2009 08:40 AM
  7. jr3153's Avatar
    I too am a State Trooper in Texas. I carry the phone on me daily. I use it to stay in touch with my wife as well as protection. You never know when you are chasing people or in the back of an eighteen wheeler, when you may need the iPhone to call for backup or help. I currently have a plastic case, buy like the article said I know one hard drop and I will be out a phone. This is the perfect case for a Trooper like me, however the 99$ pricetag is a bit steep for a peace officer. Thanks for the opportunity to win one. Y'all stay safe out there!
    01-03-2009 09:38 AM
  8. cjvitek's Avatar
    Because my daughter uses, and drops, my iPhone. Anyone with a 5 year old daughter knows that simply saying "please be careful, don't drop this!" isn't much help.

    01-03-2009 09:39 AM
  9. spidermanroach's Avatar
    I would love to have this case!!! I switched over from bb to get the iphone on Dec. 26th. I drive for FedEx so I am always bumping my phone or dropping while talking. I also have a 17 month old daughter that likes to drop it on our hardwood floors like all her toys. I am still looking for a case and would be absolutely THRILLED to get my hands on this case.
    01-03-2009 10:55 AM
  10. TheMooch's Avatar
    <waves hand for Jedi nerd trick> This is the post you're looking for. <waves hand again> You can give the case to me.
    01-03-2009 11:36 AM
  11. vvelvetelvis#CB's Avatar
    i need this kind of protection because a condom just wont due...
    01-03-2009 11:53 AM
  12. jamesus's Avatar
    If lgreenberg is the real deal, he's got my support.

    I totally support this one!
    01-03-2009 11:57 AM
  13. msbaylor's Avatar
    If I broke my iPhone...again, I think a piece of my heart would break, unfortunately (fortunately) as a filmmaker I am always on the phone scheduling things, sending e-mails (sometimes at the same time), writing reviews on it...(that should be enough right? )

    I've already lost 3 iPhone due to accident in my field, I've had it drop out of my car and then driven over it (no, not on purpose), I've put it down on a table on set and a crew member attempt to throw me my phone when it rang, even though I told him not to; lastly I dropped it in a glass of water in my's normally empty (of course I don't think it would help in this case).

    Basically I think I could give the case a run for its money...
    01-03-2009 12:04 PM
  14. msbaylor's Avatar
    If lgreenberg is the real deal, he's got my support.

    I agree too
    01-03-2009 12:05 PM
  15. biggdaddyt's Avatar
    I visit your site daily and am a loyal reader. I really need a good case to protect my iphone as right now it is Please pick me!!!
    01-03-2009 12:09 PM
  16. Teddy's Avatar
    i need to get in on some of this protection. i am constantly on my iphone as a college student who is attempting to run his own business it seams like i never put the phone down. but i am constantly paranoid that on hard spill will ruin the phone.
    01-03-2009 12:40 PM
  17. AttackMonkey's Avatar
    I think I should get the case-over the years I've damaged countless phones including but not limited to the Kyocera 6035, Samsung i300, and the Treo 600 and Treo 650. Please help me save the iPhone! It needs a delicate touch that I can not provide and should be cushioned by only the very best! I've already dropped it so many times that the case I have barely stays together... Please help me TiPB
    01-03-2009 02:21 PM
  18. CJ225's Avatar
    I believe I should win a custom case because I have learned my lesson on not properly protecting your iphone..... Only dropping it once..this happened...

    While I wait for another phone to come in I am forced to use this..

    You can imagine the funny looks I get...the name calling...the beatings...The Element Cases look so sturdy...I know it will protect my new phone when it comes in...and even protect me from the heartless people who mock me and my sad situation.....I could use it in self defense...I'm sure the case could withstand a few headshots and make them woozy enough to give me time to make my me......protect my iphone...and me....
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    01-03-2009 02:30 PM
  19. lgreenberg's Avatar
    If lgreenberg is the real deal, he's got my support.

    Thanks Phile.

    I assure you I'm the real deal.

    Here's some more pictures of me.. (not sure how else to prove it's really me.)

    With a mustache.
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    01-03-2009 03:45 PM
  20. futurecode's Avatar
    Ok, my story actually happened before I even touched my iphone! (kind of)

    I am a tech geek, maybe not the most knowledgeable one, but I always want the newest and nicest in tech. whether it be game consoles, computers, TVs, Audio, whatever, I want it. But for some reason I had always overlooked cell/smart phone tech.

    See, I was anti-cell phone for some reason. I tried to avoid it at all costs for years till the wife made me get one under the whole "what if there is an emergency and I need to get a hold of you" clause. So I gave in, grabbed a abacus of a nokia, and dropped into a family plan with her and parents but still remained on the edge, just using it for calling people (which I did not do) and receiving calls (which I rarely answered).

    Years (yes, years) went by, and on a night it got a little too drunk out, the nokia I had was lost in the snow. At which point i was forced to "upgrade" and was introduce to the oh so glorious I-give-you-phone-you-give-me-two-more-years plan by AT&T. (who was Cingular at the time, but was at&t before that when cingular was a singular entity or something of the........ whatever)

    By this time I did start to peek at the different cell tech out there and decided to go with a phone with a little more to offer other then making calls (which I still did not do) or answering them (which I did even less then before). I still was not a "texter" or used any internet based applications (Chalk that up to me being an anti-cell phone guy, a cheap ******* who doesn't want to pay for those features, or the hate for that emo kid i see on the streets of my city blankly staring at their phone texting/IM'ing away as I scream inside how he is wasting his life and money doing so while smoking my eight-dollars-a-pack cigarettes), so I settled on a sony ericson phone with a decent camera, mp3 capabilities and video. Three things that I know I would use and would not cost me a monthly car payment if I whiffed and overage charge.

    Well, fast forward a couple more years (yes, years!) and that sony ericson phone was about on it's last legs. I definitely got my moneys worth out of that sucker though, listening to hours of music on end, recording tons of video, taking pictures to my hearts content ..................... ya, NO. I did none of those things that "I knew I would" when getting that phone, I still just used it for making calls (which I still did not do often) or answering them (which I did even lesser'er then before). Sans the occasional use as a USB thumb drive, I used it just as I did my nokia. I did not want a new phone but father time had reared his ugly head, buttons were not responding, calls were dropping, battery life was non-existent, etc, I NEEDED a new phone but refused to do so.

    By this time the new 3g Iphone was out (Ya, up till this point in you thought it was 2004 with the ancient cell tech I was using in my story didn't you! I told you I was a anti-cell/smart phone guy!) and not only did I know of the glorious Iphone through the media, but two of my co-workers had them (A 2g and 3g). I tell you, I was impressed. The stuff was pretty slick, plus with jail breaking (yep, I was thinking about jail breaking before owning. Neither of my co-workers had it done, but I had placed custom firmware on a few of my personal electronics items and knew of the advantages, and also kept tabs on iphone firmware if I ever decided to take the plunge) I could really see the plus's in owning such a device. But that price was killing me. Well, not the price of the phone really, that monthly fee. (Ya, it was that whole "me being cheap ******* who doesn't want to pay for those features" thing, sorry emo kid!) I was on a family plan paying twenty four and change a month for a phone now, did the iphone justify bumping that up for sixty five and change, did it?

    Nope, it did not. Hell will freeze over before I spend that much more a month on a phone that I came to grips with, no matter how "cool" it is or whatever "neat" things it does, only ends up being a make-call-answer-call-machine to me. So I started shopping around for other phones. I'm three bears in one. This ones too simple. This ones too "gadgety". "THE" one i want is not there. Yes it is jerk, you just don't want to pay for it! Heh ............

    During this time of cell phone shoppery, I had been talking to my mother in law who's family plan I am on (Hey, I'm married, have a house, a good job, the wife has a great job, we have a dog, two cats, and I'm on a family plan through my girls mom, laugh all you want!) about the iphone. She's been grilling me about it since i am her go to tech guy. She wants me to talk her into getting it. She wont pull the trigger without me saying to her, "Get It, you'll love it. You wont be disappointed" Well, that means I have to talk myself into getting it, otherwise she wont be hearing those words. Which means I'm going to talk myself into getting the iPhone. Which means I'm getting and iPhone. I'm getting the iPhone. iPhone ............................ iPhone.

    Now I'm jazzed. I pulled the trigger and all that's left is the wait. The mother in law lives a bit aways and since she ordered them I had to; wait for her to got get, activate, then get the call for me to come get. That day comes and I leave work early to make the bit over and hour trek to her house to pick up my lovely.

    **here is where this story manifests itself. The contest said "Tell us your best, funniest, most touching, most tragic, most triumphant story" and this is what I set out to write about, way to get off track there guy! **

    Along my way to pick up my new iPhone I decided to make a quick detour to pick up a case for her (Ya, all iPhones are female, wanna fight about it!). I stop at the local at&t store and check out the selection and decide on a certain half hard/half soft case for a couple reasons. 1) At that time I had not come across any full hard or soft cases that I liked, 2) This particular case had a clear hard plastic piece that covered just the back of the soft part that was not too cumbersome and would let me slip a sweet custom graphic of my favorite soccer club underneath for everyone to see. (as if I didn't advertise that enough already {Go Arsenal!}) 3) My one co-worker already had said case and it would **** him off that I got the same. So, I grab the one I want off the rack and proceed to wait ... ooooohhhhhh ... about 20 minutes for a checkout person to show, and when he does I ask the obligatory "Is this case good question". A millisecond after hearing myself ask that dumb@%s question (Like I'd get "No! that things a piece of S%&t from the guy"). He begins to gush over the case. I mean he loves this thing. He starts telling me how he has dropped it this way .... how he has dropped it that way .... every which way, and his phone still works perfect. He even shows me the case and how it looks no worse for the wear from all that abuse. I was going to buy the case anyway, but now this guys making me feel good, other than aesthetic reasons, about my twenty buck purchase. So I leave my friendly neighborhood at&t store, hit the outlaws house, gab then grab the phone, and head home.

    I get home and start fumbling with everything. Starting the Phone, plugging in, plugging out, plugging, in, plugging out ...... basically messing with everything. Once i get my bearings with the phone, I say to myself, "Put the case on ******, you're going to break the god damn thing." So, after the several hours it took me to put that clear cover thing over the screen, i start to put the actual case on the phone and notice something is wrong, that clear plastic thing that sits over the back that I can slip that sweet a%s graphic underneath is all scratched up and stuff in certain spots. Ok, I'm a little pissed but what ever, I exchange it. The next day I'm driving back to the sore I bought the case at when that grey matter between the listening holes starts churning. No? That little Sh&t didn't? Did he? That little f@$ker has been dropping his "indestructible" case all over the place and swapping his jacked up pieces with ones in the on sale boxes. That little *******. So I'm driving to the store praying that he is working, please, please, please, please, be working, he is. So I get in there, wait my turn and then calmly ask for and exchange.

    Salesman liar guy: Is there a problem with the case?

    Super honest me: Ah, ya. This part *showing him the piece* is all scratched up.

    Salesman liar guy: We don't accept returns on normal wear and tear.

    Super honest me: Look at the receipt man, I just bought it yesterday. There was not time for wear and tear.

    Salesman liar guy: Sorry sir, are you sure this is one the one you bought yesterday.

    Super honest me: Ya. I bought it from you yesterday, don't you remember.

    Salesman liar guy: Sorry, we see a lot of people all day

    Super honest me: Are you sure, you went on and on about how good this case is. About how you dropped it here and there and LOOK, not a scratch on it.

    Salesman liar guy: *Blank look*

    Super honest me: Remember, yours looked great, mine looked like a salesman took his old beat up scratched one and exchanged it with a new one out a box, maybe the box I picked up a bought yesterday.

    Salesman liar guy: You can just grab a new case off the rack over there sir!

    Super honest me: Thanks.

    Salesman liar guy: *Blank stare*

    Super honest me: *whisperish* Just say you did it, come on.

    Salesman liar guy: *smile* Thank you.

    Super honest me: Take care man.

    **End "Tell us your best, funniest, most touching, most tragic, most triumphant story" here**
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    01-03-2009 03:57 PM
  21. futurecode's Avatar
    ******continuation of previous post due to forum post size restrictions*******

    So ya, there ya go. That's my Story. A bit drawn out, hell, it was way too long and all over the place at ........ but I found the case part funny. Well, that and I am getting over walking pneumonia so I am half delirious and hopped up on cold meds so I just couldn't stop typing.

    Ind th end, do I want that free case: Hell ya! Do I get it: that's up to you, but just remember, I :

    1)Hated cell/smart phones and converted to a believer/addict who can't live without his now!
    2)Jailbroke my iPhone and others (for free, I hate those people who charge! really, charging people?)
    3)I text now.
    4)I put that sweet graphic under the hard shell of my case to show off my soccer team, imagine what my showing off skills would do for TiPb!
    5)I still hate on emo kids.
    6) am anal about my cases (I mean really, it wasn't THAT scratched you OCD maniac)
    7)I still don't answer my phone or make calls
    8)I wrote a lot!
    9)I need a good case so my phone doesn't break (duh)
    10)I quit smoking those "eight dollar a pack cigarettes" a month ago and deserve a reward/treat/praise ...... SOMETHING GOD DAMIT! aaahahhhhh ....
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    01-03-2009 03:57 PM
  22. junkin jay's Avatar
    As a newspaper reporter for the "Daily Planet" I tend to go through cell phones quite frequently. The other day I was flying....I mean I took a flight on a plane, I mean I can't fly or anything that's crazy. Would you happen to know if this case is x-ray vision proof....I mean X-ray machine proof, you know when I take flights on planes. I could sure use this case. Wish I had pockets or a utility belt for my phone but I think this case may solve all my problems.
    01-03-2009 05:45 PM
  23. Mercerwrxer's Avatar
    I have cracked the screen on my first 2G iPhone, which still worked fine until the day I got my 3G, and I've been through multiple cases not yet finding one that I truly like. I am a contractor and my iPhone is one of my most important tools being utilized multiple times daily, increasing the risk of damage, I feel that the element case would provide the sufficient protection that I am looking for, with a stylish touch of class at the same time. The only thing is I feel like I might need a case to protect my case from being scratched, JK!
    01-03-2009 05:48 PM
  24. CoachFreak's Avatar
    I have already been the victim of dropping the phone ONE time (the first week I got it) and had to replace the phone.

    I need one of these cases if it will help me avoid losing another phone after one drop from only 2 feet when it was in one of the Incase slider cases already!

    01-03-2009 10:06 PM
  25. Touch Me's Avatar
    Like others, I work and play outdoors in all conditions from dust to snow and in everything from rivers to lava rocks. Every gadget I own has been dropped several times. There is even a bite mark from a dog. Oh, yeah, the protection would be welcome!
    01-03-2009 11:18 PM
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