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    I have an old iPod photo dock (with S-video out) that I use at work to listen to music in the office. I have a small set of PC speakers connected to line out plug, and a power brick connected to the dock connector port via USB. I used this setup for years with my old iPod Photo and more recently with my 160GB iPod Classic.

    The other day I tried to plug in my iPhone 3G to the dock, I wanted to stream Pandora, and it charges but the audio comes out of the internal speaker on the iPhone. I tried two different iPod Photo docks with the same result.

    Is there something different about the iPod Photo dock, I thought the dock connector was UNIVERSAL.

    12-31-2008 01:11 AM
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    I tried a co-workers dock, it's not the same one, no S-video out and the dock for the iPhone 3G, both work as expected.
    12-31-2008 08:59 PM