1. cardfan's Avatar
    Iphone compatible? As a sidenote, i wish accessory makers and anyone else would quit saying "ipod compatible" and make it clearer. I own an iphone. i don't own an ipod. Yet the iphone has an ipod built in. Just annoying is all..lol

    Back on track...the new headphone with 2 drivers in each ear look interesting at 79.00. I paid like 170 or so for Review- Etymotic hf2 Premium Headset– Amazing!! | Just Another iPhone Blog which i think are great.
    09-12-2008 10:40 AM
  2. cardfan's Avatar
    Apple Store (U.S.) - Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

    so here's the actual item and down at the bottom is the 3 devices they function fully on...

    Ipod classic 120gb
    Ipod Nano 4g
    and ipod touch 2g

    LOL..these 2g, 3g, etc will be confusing before too long. But anyways, why release such headphones with limited compatibility? I always thought of the ipod touch as an iphone without the phone. But it appears to be a better ipod now than the iphone which of course the iphone was marketed to have the best ipod yet built in..lol
    09-12-2008 10:51 AM
  3. marcol's Avatar
    I'd guess they'll either work with the iPhone or they'll sell very similar ones that do. Just possibly, we'll have to wait until the next iPhone model but I think that is pretty unlikely.
    09-12-2008 11:12 AM