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    Let me start off explaining how paranoid I am of having the slightest scratch or scuff on my cell phone... I just can't have it so I do need really good protection.

    With the original iPhone I used some Sena cases that did a good job protecting the phone while not in use. When I was using them there was always a risk of damaging the phone. This is where the new case from Contour comes into play.

    Here's a quick overview. A lot of the silicon cases, such as Incase, protect the phone as well as damage it at the same time. {Would scratch the chrome bezel up and/or the backing of the phone}. With this case it's made of a really soft plastic that does not add much size, gives you a nice grip, and protects the phone on the outside while NOT damaging it while it's in the case.

    I did see the Seidio Case review on the blog and I'll admit that I've never been a big fan of that company but it does look decent... but I'm going to say give this case a shot over the Seidio.

    contourcase.com | HardSkin for iPhone 3G
    07-22-2008 03:19 PM