1. smileyboy's Avatar
    I just saw this on the Brando website.


    I'd like to buy it, but that means Apple will release a update including A2DP and my product will be worthless.
    07-18-2008 08:02 AM
  2. Blueman's Avatar
    I use the Plantronics 590 headset. I utilize the universal bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the standard stereo port of the iPhone (first gen or 3G) and pair the headset to the iPhone. I listen to stereo music with these great sounding headsets, movies, iTunes or whatever, andif a call comes in, the music volume goes off automatically and the bluetooth paired headsets is now a choice in phone actions and I take the call talk and listen with this niffty set and end the call and pick up in STEREO right where I left off. The key point, the universal adaptor has its own batteries, and is small disk size I velcro to the pouch for my iPhone. Works for me, if Apple changes and include A2DP, then I still have my headphones.
    02-22-2009 10:41 AM