1. volomort's Avatar
    Screen protector.
    12-13-2009 11:31 AM
  2. PinkBanana's Avatar
    1. back invisible shield.
    2. Spare charger to leave at my fiance's house. Spare charger to leave at work.
    3. Griffin Itrip. with click control and charger for the car.
    4. Apple Charging dock to plug in to the pc.
    5. Another Mophie Juice case (purple one!!!)
    6. Couple of nice cases.
    I think that's about all I can think of at the moment!
    12-15-2009 06:32 AM
  3. vang0341's Avatar
    Morphie Battery Case.
    12-15-2009 05:57 PM
  4. ShaneXman's Avatar
    12-26-2009 11:43 PM
  5. boywonder143's Avatar
    just a car charger and a case and i'm good to go
    01-03-2010 08:51 PM
  6. Galaxy 1000's Avatar
    If you have a GM vehicle with Onstar and want the greatest hands free experience in the world check out my Galaxy 1000. It uses the built in Onstar phone system with your phone.
    01-05-2010 09:05 AM
  7. deviladv's Avatar
    I need at least 3 standard USB ipod/iphone cables for my iPhone. Fortunately I can cannibalize them from friends and family that had old ipods and extra cables they don't need.

    - One for home plugged into deskop
    - One for work
    - One travel with, plugged into a travel charger.

    I also have the kensington LiquidAUX for playing music and charging in the car.

    When it comes to charging, I am rarely far from an outlet so why not plug it in to what I have rather than carry around spare batteries? Just make sure you have cables, cables are cheaper than batteries! If you aren't near a wall outlet, turn wifi off!!!

    I have a hip case which my iphone slides in and out of, and is covered by a magnetic enclosure. Most semi permanent cases change the profile of the phone so you can't plug it in anywhere, I prefer sliding it out of a hip holster. Easier to work with and can plug into anything.

    I need a portable plugin speaker with battery. That way I can ditch my alarm clock radio and switch to streaming NPR to my iphone and just wake up to that alarm, and take it anywhere I want. I'm pretty picky about speakers but some small portable cylinders from Skullycandy look good. It should also have it's own battery as well.

    I have the original iphone so Bluetooth stereo headsets are out, but once I upgrade I'll have a set of those as well.

    for driving and walking around, I have a little black Nokia I picked up at best buy last year. I'm weird but the most important part of a bluetooth headset for calls is that it has to be over the ear, not in it, and that it has to have a sturdy ear loop. This earloop is both sturdy AND flexible, so I can make it a perfect fit! Other bluetooth headsets look like I'm going to break the earloop if I sneeze at it, which annoys me because then you have to buy replacements for $10 a pop.

    Oh and I forgot to mention a car mount. Right now all I have is an old Arkon mount I used back when I had a Treo 650. It works great still, I just know I'll be looking for something with a sturdier arm and better suction cup since, in a truck, the Arkon bounces around a lot more than I'd like.

    And when I upgrade my iphone, I'll start using the bluetooth stereo in my car I had added a long time ago
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    01-08-2010 02:27 PM
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