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    Default WD My Cloud 2TB Storage

    Has anyone used these new 'My Cloud" network/cloud type devices?
    I'm thinking of reducing paying service fees to the likes of Dropbox or OneDrive, etc. These WD My Cloud 2TB (and larger) Storage devices seem to be all the rage.

    From my understanding it connects via your home network, and you can use an app on your smartphone to access it and said files on it, remotely. In addition you can perform backups from your desktop, etc. to it.

    What's your take on it?
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    Default Re: WD My Cloud 2TB Storage

    Do you trust WD or whomever you purchase it from? I haven't used one of these services/devices myself, but my understanding is that the way you get remote access to your stuff is that everything is related thru WD. Basically since most people do not have static IPs from their ISP or use dynamic DNS, you have no way of directly addressing your home network. These type of devices get around it because they reside on your network and run software that lets it determine what your current IP is and they send that info to WD. And then remotely because you are logged into a WD account, they can look up where to actually send the request for the file you want.
    Now I'm not saying these are bad. Or that WD or whomever else runs these types of services are doing anything bad. But they are in some way seeing all the requests you make for files, etc. but so is Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. - just a matter of who you trust.
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