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    Default Attention Grabbing Headlines & manipulative content

    This kind of stuff irks the heck out of me. A news headlines reads as follows:

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    Source: Your iPhone is at risk, and the government wants Apple to up its security game | myfox8.com

    The very first sentence states, "The Obama administration is looking to crack down on glaring holes in the security of cell phones."

    Really? First of all, didn't the FBI need help to gain access into an iPhone? Anyway, the term "cell phones" is not limited to "iPhones".

    Anyway, here are some ridiculous excerpts from the articles trying to take a stab at Apple while also recognizing that it is better than its competition. #smh

    "Though Apple tends to have a better reputation for security than Google, it is notoriously slow at delivering security patches to iPhone customers. Its updates come much faster than Android updates, but they’re often missing crucial bug fixes.

    For example, Apple has failed to fix a major vulnerability that allows hackers to break into nearby iPhones using the AirDrop feature. The bug has been around since iOS 8."

    "Android’s vulnerabilities are potentially worse than the iPhone’s. And Google is largely powerless to fix Android’s problems, because each Android smartphone manufacturer has to release its own special update that plays nicely with its modified version of the operating system.

    About 30 percent of Android phones currently in use don’t receive any security patches, according to Google."

    You get the picture.......Anyway, I find it amusing that we are to believe that the government is concerned about protecting consumers in this regard and I see it as a bunch of crock. It's true objective will reveal itself at some point, in my opinion.
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    Default Re: Attention Grabbing Headlines & manipulative content

    Crazy stuff!
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    Default Re: Attention Grabbing Headlines & manipulative content

    There are news that are sometimes about politics that are intended to mislead the readers into something away from the factual information. We should really read the entire article and not just stick on the headline. It would be great if we could research more about a particular news that we are reading.

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