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View Poll Results: What is your next phone?

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  • Samsung Galaxy SIII

    2 6.90%
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    1 3.45%
  • Nokia Lumia 920

    12 41.38%
  • Other

    14 48.28%
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    dwayne.williams's Avatar
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    Default What phone are you getting next?

    To be honest, I'm not looking for anything new in an OS. I liked the features of Android but really couldn't find to many practical uses for them other than to show them off to people. I believe this is the first iPhone that I have owned that I haven't wished that it did something that it didn't.
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    Default What phone are you getting next?

    Staying with my 5 for 2-3 years perhaps.. Probably another iPhone
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    Default What phone are you getting next?

    I got 1 month early upgrade on Feb 7th and after much thought I'm getting Samsung Galaxy SIII. It's about affordability for me aswell as features, for iPhone 5 I would have to nearly double my monthly contract price and pay a hefty sum up front, for the SGS3 I can pay the same I pay now per month and pay 89 up front or pay 5 more a month and nothing up front, I've checked that I can get every app I use regularly on iOS on Android and I can. I'll still have my iPad which I use for hours every day (the laptop doesn't get a look in) and I'm not saying I'd never get another iPhone or any other device in the future. In the past I've been a fanboy of Apple and BlackBerry and back again at various times but now I respect all OS and the competition they provide each other, I wouldn't slate one over another as it's what works best for you.
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    Default Re: What phone are you getting next?

    Quote Originally Posted by baseballbert View Post
    Interested to see if apple overhauls the OS. Although the WP lineup is getting intriguing (have the 920 in addition to iPhone 5, its a solid performer) with new Nokias due out some time this year, and BB10 looks good on paper.

    iPhone with a bigger screen would be pretty cool. Not some Note sized beast, just 4.3" to 4.5".

    Either way, the more the competition tries to out do each other, the better it is for us!
    Bigger screen for another row of icons? Apple needs to fresh up their OS. Hopefully they add NFC to the 5s.

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    Default Re: What phone are you getting next?

    I love nokia phones, so obviously my vote goes to nokia lumia 920. I like the bold look, the smooth, matte finish and the way that phone's style and screen make the windows phone interface pop.
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    Default What phone are you getting next?

    According to my indentitude with AT&T, either the 6S or the BB12. Or maybe I'll go back to two cans and a very long string.
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    Just_Me_D's Avatar

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    Default What phone are you getting next?

    More than likely, I'll be getting the next iPhone....but then again, I might not...
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    Default Re: What phone are you getting next?

    Got the 5, will most likely get the 6! iPhone for life!
    Apple built it, so it will work.
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    Default What phone are you getting next?

    I just jailbreak my 4s so ill wait till the i6

    All up in ya using Tapatalk 2
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    Default What phone are you getting next?

    Whatever Apple comes out with in December 2013 when my upgrade hits that's what I'm getting!
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