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    Default Yosemite / Safari Wonkiness

    For the past week or so, every time I restart my rMBP, my desktop background resets to the default Yosemite picture and, more annoyingly, I get logged out of all of the websites that I was logged into.

    I stay logged into several different forums, Facebook, Flickr and a couple other sites - all active in Yosemite in tabs.

    Previously, when I restarted my rMBP, I was automatically logged back into those sites. However, something changed over the last couple of weeks (can't say exactly when it started happening). I've been running the developer version of Yosemite 10.10.3, and last updated that on 04/02. I also installed the release version on 04/08. This behavior may have started with either of those updates, or it could have been something completely different.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is there a setting somewhere that I missed that would cause this? I've been through the Safari preference screens and don't see anything obvious.
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    Default Re: Yosemite / Safari Wonkiness

    Since updating my MacBook Air (mid-2013) to 10.10.3, upon resume from sleep and sometimes while in use; I 've noticed Safari tabs hanging. I'm not using developer builds.

    It's not with just one site. Turning WiFi off then on in 10-15 second timespan seems to work. Suppose I could try a browser tab forced reload with Command + R.

    My home WiFi is stable and error free (I'd hear about it if not the case), so at this point don't think that the symptoms are related to anything I can control on the network side. It could also just be that those few sites I'm seeing the problem on are the problem source. Will monitor the situation more carefully now.

    May not be what you're experiencing, but sharing in the event its sounds similar.

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