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    Default iTunes HD tag

    Revision 141 of mp4v2 is now able to write the atom that iTunes looks for to add the HD logo to a movie, TV show or music video. However combining a SD and a HD version to one entry doesn't work yet.

    To add the tag:
    ./mp4tags -H 1 <filename>
    To remove the tag:
    ./mp4tags -r H <filename>
    You check whether the flag is set or not with:
    ./mp4info <filename>
    You can also set a variety of other tags with mp4tags, however it si far from future complete.

    Please note that this is the current development Version of mp4v2, so problems are expected. Please make a backup of any files before you touch them with mp4tags.

    MP4V2 Homepage: mp4v2 - MP4v2 Library: This library provides functions to read, create, and modify mp4 files - Google Project Hosting
    OS X builds: http://rouvenwessling.de/mp4v2/mp4tags.zip
    Linux and Windows build would need to be compiled from source.

    Please note again that this is a development version and no support is offered.
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    I have found the one link for ITunes HD tag whether its useful or not.
    Mac App Store - HD Tag

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