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    Default Are Macs Good for Gaming?

    I am considering getting a Mac Pro or iMac. I was wondering if they would make good gaming machines when compared to a PC. The new Mac Pro which is yet to be released will house two GPU's. Does that make it a true SLI machine? Are the GPU's found in Macs the same kind of GPU found in PC's? Will it be able to handle games that have intense graphics or would I just be betting off sticking to PC I regards to gaming? Thoughts?
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    Default Re: Are Macs Good for Gaming?

    your question was answered in a thread from yesterday, I believe......Check out the second link below. Your question can also be answered via the guide that SeanHRCC just posted. You can read it via the first link.


    Considering saving up for a Mac book air. Some questions though.

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    Default Re: Are Macs Good for Gaming?

    Can Macs be good gaming rigs? Absolutely.

    Will it be cheap? Nope.

    Can you do it cheaper with a Microsoft based PC? Yup.

    ...it really comes down to whether you want the best bang for your buck, or you don't mind spending the money for a Mac Pro (or iMac, or Macbook) and making sure to order it with the proper equipment to run games as they are intended. It's going to cost a lot of money, just like buying a BMW and wanting it to be a track monster...it's going to cost ya, but you're going to love it.
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    Default Re: Are Macs Good for Gaming?

    In my opinion for home gaming (if you want computer and not console) is PC better (cheaper, easier to upgrade components, ...). For mobile gaming I prefer iOS to Android.
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    Default Re: Are Macs Good for Gaming?

    Never rely on a Mac for any sort of serious gaming was the rule of thumb before, it is still now.

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