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    Default Replacing wifi 4g and edge with the same icons

    Ive been looking through cydia for quite a while and all ive for is the signal dots, i like my status bar to be uniform, lol im using signal dots right now, its not the greatest but its the only thing thats themes all 3 through winterboard, am i missing something? Anyone have any tips? Thanks!
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    Default Re: Replacing wifi 4g and edge with the same icons

    You can create your own icons. You should be able to find separate icons for each of those that all have the same image in cydia too. I had one that made my 3g and lte the same icon. I hated it since I never knew what service I got.
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    Default Re: Replacing wifi 4g and edge with the same icons

    Ok so here's how it works.

    First, you will need winter board (which it seems like you have). In /private/var/stash/themes.xxx make a folder called "yourtheme.theme". Inside of that folder, make a folder called UIImages (caps matters).

    Next, you will have to make or find the images you want, or borrow them from other themes. I see you want them all to match, so you may want to do it yourself, or see if someone could help you out.

    The wifi images are named "ColorOnGrayShadow_X_WifiBars@2x.png" and "WhiteOnBlackEtch_X_WifiBars@2x.png" where X is the number 0-3. You will need 8 total (4 color-on-gray and 4 white-on-black-etch).

    The cellular ones are easier. They are named "ColorOnGrayShadow_DataType4G@2x.png", "ColorOnShadow_DataTypeEDGE@2x.png" and "ColorOnGrayShadow_DataTypeLTE@2x.png". There is also a "WhiteOnBlackEtch" for each of these too.

    The ones with color in the name should be darker, as they show on the lighter statusbar. The etched ones should be etched or light/white in color, as they are for the black bar.

    Good luck!

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