Good Afternoon -

This afternoon, I started replacing my iPad 3's glass screen and bezel again as the 1st replacement screen didn't work 100%. I am also replacing the black plastic bezel which goes around it as well as the home button assembly which never worked correctly.

I got everything disassembled, swapped the parts, and put it back together (sans adhesive) and it all worked perfectly for once! There's just one issue I can't resolve...

The glass / bezel / aluminum body is a snug fit! Evedentually over the past few months, the aluminum must have become not as square is it was from the factory. When I put my glass in, it doesn't fit correctly and is very difficult to do with replacing the bezel at the same time.

I tried tacking down the bezel to the aluminum body with a few drops of super glue. This made it easier, but still didn't fit. If the glass were stronger, I'm sure I could pop it in, but it's obviously very fragile (and expensive!)

Any suggestions? Thanks!