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    Default Ringtone in iTunes Question...

    I have no problem with my iTunes account making a ringtone. I simply go to my playlist, right click on the selected song, then select get info/options and check the two boxes for up to 30 seconds of play time. Next I go back to the song and create aac version. Then I right click on the aac version and select show in windows explorer.
    Now here's the issue, on my in my account, the "name" shows the song with a .m4a extension that I change to a .m4r extension. Then I simply add the file to my tones library and I'm good to go - but on my wifes account, I do exactly the same thing but when I go to the file where it shows the name of the song (same as above), there is no extension at the end of the songs name to change (as an example: stairway to heaven.m4a shows on my folder and on hers it only stairway to heaven).
    I can make ringtones easy, but I cannot add her song to her library on iTunes.
    Hopefully this makes sense
    Any ideas???
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    Default Re: Ringtone in iTunes Question...

    That is strange, but you should still be able to change/add the extension of .m4r. Did you try just adding the extension? What happened when you did that?
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    Default Ringtone in iTunes Question...

    Just sounds like her file extensions are set to be hidden. Try Googling "show file extensions [YourOperatingSystemHere]" to find the setting location. Example for Windows: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/w...ame-extensions

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