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    Default iTunes, Music, Ringtones

    I had all my music and a lot of purchased ringtones on my 3GS. When I synched the 4S, I lost all the music and most of the ringtones. I bought more ringtones, and learned how to make new ringtones. I set the 4S to manage music and rintones manually, and drag and dropped the new ones in.

    I finally located the external drive housing all the music. I was unable to drag and drop albums at a time, just one song, so I unchecked manage manually and synched, with the external drive connected. So all the music transfered, and all the ringtones disappeared. So I synched the ringtones, and have now lost the music again.

    Any time I try to do anything it says "if you do that, all music and movies and whatever on this device will be deleted."

    I don't know how to get all the stuff on there and make it stay on there!

    Please help...
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    The problem is that they are in 2 separate libraries. What you want to do is take the ringtones and put them in the ringtone subfolder on the external hard-drive and have direct iTunes to that library for your syncing.

    David L.
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    Hmmm... How do I get to this external drive that your talking about? I can see the camera folder but thats it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyIsaacs View Post
    Hmmm... How do I get to this external drive that your talking about? I can see the camera folder but thats it.
    The OP was using an external hard drive to store their music and other files, (it is like a USB flash drive only much bigger) for their computer, it works sans phone. To get it working they plug in the Hard-drive to the computer via whatever fastest connection is possible: USB,Firewire,eSATA,Thunderbolt.. and under the preferences options they select the location of the music library which should be consolidated under iTunes folder as to where the main library will be. This is where new music, videos, apps are kept organised for when you sync to your iPhone,iPad,or iPod.


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