it's been a very long day searching the web for answers to all my newbie questions. I bought a used iPod Touch for my son. It's a 2nd gen an, MB model (if that means anything). I've already downloaded a pile of apps from iTunes - then I learned they aren't compatible w/our old iPod. A couple seem to work. So now I've downloaded a bunch more free apps that are 2G compatible... and I'm sure you've guessed it by now, I've learned I need to Jailbreak it, without killing it... oh, and in an area where we don't have Wi-Fi. (could I make it any more difficult?)
1) What's the most reliable and free jailbreak SW and where can I find it (please be very specific - esp. if there is a particular vs that is more successful than another)
2) Is it possible to download that software onto my PC, then somehow get it onto the iPod without Wi-Fi?

I love feeling my way through the dark! Many thanks in advance to anyone who can come to my rescue!