Hello. My iPod 5th generation was fully charged last night and was working peferectly today morning while running a half marathon when it stopped playing and the screen is blank/does not turn on. I had intially thought that it did not fully charge, so when I got home, I plugged it into my iHome dock. I would usually see the screen come alive but it did not, so I then plugged it into my PC via USB cable but it was recoginized by the computer nor in iTunes. I left it plugged in longer, and the iPod did become warm, so that means it was charging, correct? I'm also unable to reset the device by holding down the menu + the center button.

Are there other options I can pursue to fix this? It was never dropped nor submerged in water and is great condition. What could be causing the problems that I have described?

I apoologize if this is not the correct forum to pose my questions.

EDIT: the "hello" on the subject should not have been there