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    Default Google Play Music has arrived!

    Google Play Music has arrived!-google_play_music_iphone_hero.jpg
    Google Play Music finally arrives on the iPhone after the longest "few weeks" in history | iMore

    Now to figure out how to gain access to it in Canada lol. Anyone tried out the app yet? Loving it... hating it?
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    Default Re: Google Play Music has arrived!

    It's pretty neat, I haven't messed around with the options too too much but my whole library is there.

    It's ridiculously easy to get it in Canada, step-by-step below.

    Get access to the US App Store:
    - On your iPhone -
    1) Open the Settings app
    2) Scroll down and click on "iTunes & App Store"
    3) Click your Apple ID at the top (eg. Apple ID: jappleseed@thing.com)
    4) Click "View Apple ID" from the dialog that pops up
    5) Sign into your Apple ID, it should prompt you for a password if you have not logged in recently (eg. if you have not bought anything from the app store recently)
    6) Click on "Country/Region"
    7) Click on "Change Country or Region"
    8) Click in the area where it stays "Store" (should currently have which store you are in)
    9) Scroll to the top and select United States, then click next (bottom right)
    10) Accept the ToS
    11) You will have to confirm some details, easiest way to do it is in the "Billing Information" section select "None"
    12) You will have to fill out a new 'state' since provinces don't exist and fill out a zip code, make something up. (MI, 14605)
    13) Click next, in the bottom right
    14) Congrats you're now in the US App Store, go search for w/e US apps you want.
    15) When you're finished, repeat the steps to go back to the Canadian App Store.

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    Default Re: Google Play Music has arrived!

    Thanks for the heads up!!
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    Default Re: Google Play Music has arrived!

    Thanks for the heads up, gonna check it out.
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    Default Re: Google Play Music has arrived!

    Looks very interesting and of course thank you for the heads up and tip on checking it out.
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    Default Re: Google Play Music has arrived!

    Finally, I've been checking the App Store every day for this
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    Default Re: Google Play Music has arrived!

    Love it. No more links. I have over1300 songs over there that we're originally on my old Windows laptop that I uploaded to Google.
    But I gotta tell ya I've been listening to iTunes Radio a lot lately.
    Good Luck

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