Hi everyone,

A bit of self promotion here but, well, I'm quite proud of my latest and finest so why not sharing it?

So, I released "Wait, a Timer like no other" last week. It's a (really nice, trust me) replacement for the stock iphone timer app. But images and videos speak probably a lot better about so here they are:

Wait, a Timer like no other-wait_a_timer_like_no_other_4.png Wait, a Timer like no other-wait_a_timer_like_no_other_3.png

The official website:

And finally, the app itself, of course:

Wait is free, but with some limitations (only 2 timers, no repeat functionality, only a few sounds, and a few more). Those limitations can be removed with a $1.99 In App Purchase.

I sincerely hope you guys will like it!