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    Default ★ Jelly Links HD for iPad: promo codes to grab ★

    New innovative game will keep you engaged for a longer time in the game. and we are sure you come back again and again to

    play this. Kids, Adults and Old age people love this game very much. Its for everybody.

    Make 3 or more jellies of same kind link together, so they will vanish away. You should keep board empty for at least one

    move to be possible on the game to continue.

    Game play:
    4 modes
    Rush, Kids, Extreme and Crazy
    Each mode comes with its own increased challenges.

    You can move jellies by swiping on any 4 directions (top, down, left and right). You need to keep in mind how to move

    jellies so you can get bigger advantage of eliminating more and more jellies and plan for next moves.
    Game starts with empty outer source ring, as source ring fills up artificial intelligence comes into picture to start

    moving jellies automatically. So be fast enough to think and move as fast as possible.

    iTunes Link

    iTunes Link

    3 cheats available
    Cheat 1: Removes any 1 row and 1 column of jellies
    Cheat 2: Removes any 3 rows and 3 columns of jellies
    Pause Cheat: Pause artificial intelligence and stop automatic movement of jellies so you get enough time to eliminate

    jellies and make board empty again.

    Leaderboard implemented using GameCenter to list names and their score who will score more.

    score = Number of jellies collected + if more than 3 multiply rest with 20 + if more than 4 multiply rest with 40

    Game Over
    Game ends when all cells are filled with jellies and no more moves are possible.
    Here are the Promo codes. Just Garb them.

    2. 7X3N37WJPNNJ
    3. XX46E36AXX34
    4. FYEF39EJYM9M
    5. XRMHPM634WP9
    6. 3MAMA6H4RT7F
    7. KLEW7F7Y69JK
    8. MTKK34EXTX4P
    9. H4EARJ7YL6EA
    11. 6LTF7XK9RRFA
    12. LMT34TELX36F
    13. 7NTL9JANJPME
    15. 46FP9HWHRW9K
    16. X9MYM9PALK4N
    17. KMTPM4LTR9L4
    19. PFP7NNMNN6F6
    21. XKYH73NA4HN9
    22. 6X74TRA677TX
    23. JL4MTYFX79K4
    24. 437KFXNRNEF3
    25. JY6XLYPPATK7
    26. L9HNHFE4HWM6
    28. 76WKLN9LF9JJ
    29. LEHRK363T44M
    30. NTWJTFXR6J4L
    32. 3Y6TEJHARRFR
    33. HY4LW73H96RA
    34. 9E646HKMM3FL
    35. MY4W3TKNTEKR
    36. 7376LXATJHEP
    37. K6F9WKLNXL3M
    38. KLJ4A9FYA34T
    39. APL36XNMAHWK
    41. PHH3PT9FMEJA
    42. HT73FTWP3YF3
    43. ATK7YTKKA7YM
    44. P7WYW6FRLX3N
    45. 33NTKNXNYNRR
    46. 4XRNJNJ464TL
    47. MAWK4WFTYAF3
    48. A9J43RLX674M
    49. XELA469RNMH7
    50. 9HH3EK46AA7F

    Enjoy the Game Friends...

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