Hello, I'm proud to present my first iPhone application !

Did you know that, when you are taking a picture with the iPhone, location data are stored in the picture ?

Thanks to this, Picture Map is presenting your iPhone camera roll content in a new and exciting way !

With Picture Map, you will no longer ask yourself "what place is on this picture ?" or "Where did I take this picture ?"
Your pictures containing GPS informations will be shown on the world map, you'll see in a second all the places you traveled in.

Features :
• Shows thumbnails of your pictures on the world map
• Tap a thumbnail to see details and button to show full screen picture
• Pictures at the same location are grouped into a thumbnail
• Zoom on the map to view where exactly the picture was taken
• Change map type (map, satellite or hybrid)
• Shows user's current location
• Save your position on the map and restore it at next startup

Notes :
• Require a device with location capability (cell location / GPS) : iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS
• Require a device with a camera
• Allow the camera application to access user's location or pictures will not include location data
• Some picture may appear not exactly where they were taken depending on location accuracy (indoor pictures will have less accuracy than outdoor pictures)
• Require at least OS 3.0

Have fun and compare with your friends all the places you have visited all over the world !

Expect many new great features soon !

Next release (1.2) will include the following new features :
• View pictures that are not shown on the map (with no GPS location information)
• Open a picture location in Maps application to allow to use Google Street View (if it is available in the place where the picture was taken)

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