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    Default QuitIt! Available Now for Your Poking Pleasure!

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    iTunes App Store Link: iTunes Store


    The APPera- QuitIt! Arrives: The Pocket God Descendants?
    I thought I’d never see the day where a new app comes in and captures me like Pocket God did. 2n Productions have proven me wrong with QuitIt!

    Slide to Play- Ten to Watch: Wednesday, July 29
    Finally, we have QuitIt!, a game so ridiculous that it's downright awesome.

    This is your hot ticket to check out a cool new virtual game show called QuitIt!

    “Audience participation” takes on a whole new meaning when you interact with the star of the show; Lumpy, a hapless former child star from planet Zgrunturos.

    In QuitIt!, it’s your mission to channel your inner older sibling and tease Lumpy by poking him to win cold hard cash. Use the moolah to buy other unique and bizarre items to pokify the Lumpster. Crank the tease factor to eleven by buying and giving Lumpy twisted gifts that are much more than meets the eye.


    …Your BFF runs off with your BF. Don’t get angry, “Just QuitIt!
    …You’re waitin’ in line for a latte. Don’t get frothy, “Just QuitIt!”
    …Your 6:00AM express train is late (again). Don’t get derailed, “Just QuitIt!”
    …You’re stuck in a boring meeting. Don’t get caught nappin’, “Just QuitIt!”
    …You’ve got the fever. And the only cure is to “Just QuitIt!”
    …You want to show how funky ‘n strong is your fight- “Just QuitIt! Just QuitIt!”
    …When do you “Just QuitIt”?

    • THE PERFECT STRESS RELIEVER! For the price of a medium latte, poke away a stressful day!
    • EASY AND INTUITIVE! Simple poke ‘n play action is fun for all (except, of course, Lumpy)!
    • FREAKIN’ SWEET CHARACTER ANIMATIONS! Lumpy comes to life inside your iPhone!
    • AN AWESOME ICE BREAKER! Humorous sound effects and a funkalicious soundtrack are surefire conversation starters! Try it the next time when you’re next to that cute girl or guy.
    • FUNKY POKERS. Our selection of funny and strange pokers lets you personalize the pokification process with a plethora of lovingly crafted, perfectly proportioned pokers.
    • WEIRD GIFTS. Our growing selection of unique gifts will cheer up Lumpy…or will they?
    • STEALTH ORGANIZER. A special calendar system lets you set up reminders for events or occasions you want to keep on the DL…You know, like private from your peeps, and hidden from your Mom.

    • MORE LUMPY ANIMATIONS. More hi-larious animations for Lumpy (“I didn’t know a Zgrunturian could do THAT!”).
    • MORE POKERS. More pokers for your poking pleasure!
    • ANIMATED POKERS. Animated pokers amp up the pokification experience!
    • MORE SOUND EFFECTS. The best sound effects to play at the most inappropriate times!
    • MORE GIFTS. Expand your collection of gifts that keep on giving!
    • MORE HOLIDAYS. Use new Holiday themes to redecorate Lumpy’s room!
    • SECRET FEATURE. We can’t tell you now, but you’ll be glad you bought our app!

    If you would like to see more unique, high quality apps on the iPhone like QuitIt!, please support independent developers like us! Have your voice be heard in the App Store!

    For more details on our updates, poke on over to our blog at Lumpy's Pad and check out our official game site at QuitIt! - A cool iPhone and iPod virtual game show.!

    Lumpy loves fan mail! Try poking him on Facebook. Search for "Lumpy Hrudkovity".

    Poke on over to our blog @lumpyspad.blogspot.com!
    QuitIt! Website | Lumpy on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter!
    2n Productions

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