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    Default Review: PhotoBrush

    Photo Brush is a simple photo editing application that allows you to add multicolored, multi-transparent, objects on top of your photos.

    There are a total of 36 shapes (list below) and several colors for each one.

    8 Ball
    Beer bottle
    Cat print
    Dog print
    Maple Leaf
    Martini glass
    Peace symbol
    Lolly pop
    puzzle piece
    music note
    Question mark
    x-mas Bulb
    Candy Cane
    Elf Hat
    x-mas Stocking

    When you first open the application, you simply select a photo from you photos or take a picture with the iPhone camera. After selecting a photo, you will view the photo and in the bottom left-hand corner you can tap in the brush-icon as this will take you to the object-select screen.
    Here you can select the object of the left side and the color on the right side. Below that are a set of sliders. The top one controls the diameter of the object and the second slider controls the transparency of the object(s) being placed on the photo. Below the sliders are to on/off buttons. The left one allows you to randomize the size of the shape and the transparency of the object (overrides the sliders,) and randomly rotates the object. The right one allows you to randomize the colors. I personally found that having the these two on at once as the results were quite neat. Once you have finished selecting you options, tap the “sketch” button at the top to return to your photo. You can then use your finger as the brush on the photo. You can always return to the objects and color by tapping the brush in the lower left corner. To save the picture you tap the save icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

    The first initial objects came out very quickly, but after subsequent objects were placed on the photo there was a considerable amount of lag time. This isn't really a problem if you are placing the objects one by one (on/off switches in the off position), but if you are trying to drag your finger across the image, the lag time is very frustrating.
    The undo button is okay – it undoes the objects one-by-one. If you are wanting to remove several or completely, it is going to take you some time to complete.
    The screen where you select from the picture or the camera, in the bottom right-corner is an info screen (nothing wrong with this). In the bottom left-hand corner, is an icon that take you out of the app and into Safari.app to take you to the developer's website. While I am not opposed to having a website link, I think it should be on the info screen (“i”), not on the main interface because it can catch people by surprise and ruin the user experience.

    I think this is a cool app. The developer also has another app similar to this one, SportsBrush. If you can't find the objects you want in that app, then this app that has some good alternatives.

    -Numerous options to choose from
    -Great little photo (stamp) editor
    -Has a lot of objects of varying holidays and other

    -Lag time on more than about 10 objects placed on the photo when having both switches in the “on” position
    -Bad placement of developer's website link

    Normal | Mobile Version

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    That there is a MAPLE leaf on our Canadian flag, Matt
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    ah, gotch'ya

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