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    Default Review: Wanted

    Wanted is a simple picture editing application that turns a picture of a person into a wanted poster. The poster can then be printed out onto a piece of paper for the office. Don’t worry the output file is much larger than a normal iPhone picture.

    The app begins with a menu and “wild-west” type music. You have the option to turn the music on and off as you wish. I found listening to the music relevant to the app, but turned it off after awhile.

    In the menu you can select whether you want to use the camera to take a picture or if you want pick a picture from the camera roll. Here I picked a random image from Google...

    The next screen you’ll see will have places to edit the title, in other words it doesn’t have to say “Wanted” also you can edit the reward, the status and the name in the poster. You can also edit the picture by tapping on the items next to the picture you have picked/taken.

    You can then add pieces to the picture such as a hat, a revolver, a mustache, and/or a sheriff’s badge by tapping on it, it places is it on the picture. You can resize the objects by using two fingers to rotate and resize the objects. I noticed that after placing one object, then placing another that the 2nd objects was not automatically selected and threw my previous placement off until I realized I needed to select the second object, I also found that one of the hats, that has a curve to it on the bottom of it.

    The below photo is the final picture. You can click on it to see the actual resolution of the photo itself. The developer claims that it is a printable photo, however, I have yet to do this, but when I do, I will say so below.

    Overall this is an intresting app and I can see a fit for this app. I would like to see more objects added or more so more options of each object. While I like the final photo, I am not sure I quite like the wood background behind the "poster" within the final pic. I would like to see a default selection tool when placing the objects in the photo also a list of ideas for what to put in the title to make different posters. I really like the large file it exports to (noted above). Overall for the price tag of $0.99, this is a functional app for whatever purpose you plan on using it for...

    -Large resolution final pic
    -Intresting Concept
    -Music goes good with the teme of the app (a new one for costuming)

    -Sometimes placement of objects is hard
    -"wood" behind the "poster" I feel, shouldn't be there.
    -Only a few objects available

    More Screenshots Here.


    Normal | Mobile Version

    Video made with Animoto from screenshots of “Wanted”


    Note: I am sorry to those that fall victim to my examples in my reviews...
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