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    Default How many apps have you purchased or downloaded?

    Well, I just went through the purchase history on iTunes, to put together a complete list of the apps I have purchased.

    Let me just say...far too many, far too much money.

    I have purchased/downloaded a total of 285 apps. Now most of them have been free (184 of them) but I have spent far too much money.

    I have decided this instant access is very dangerous - especially when apps go on sale, or for apps that are in the $99 to $2.99 range. It is easy to justify buying those (it's the cost of a cheeseburger, or a cup of coffee) but because you have such direct and unlimited access (and you spend the money just by pushing a button - something casinos have taken advantage of for years) you can very easily loose track of how much you are spending!

    The most annoying thing is that many of the apps I have paid for I have only used once or twice, before I decided it wasn't something I wanted to keep on my iPhone.

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    I totally agree. I am trying to be more frugal when it comes to spending on Apps. I use the free ones the most, save for only a few paid apps.
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    It is definitely to easy to purchase apps. I may have to give myself a time out if I don't start using some self control.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mth785 View Post
    It is definitely to easy to purchase apps. I may have to give myself a time out if I don't start using some self control.
    lol, exactly how I feel.

    I downloaded 387 apps so far most are free with few good paid ones. I keep checking appshopper.com for any new additions and updates and tell ya what, I HAVE to stop or I will take my iPhone away from me hehe
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    I'm buying my iPhone on Sunday and I already have 22 free apps downloaded (iTunes app store = very cool). I've also ended up with $50 in iTunes gift cards between my birthday and work incentives so I'll be ready to go with the paid ones on Sunday

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