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    I have ordered a 7 plus in jet black and love the colour so I don't want to cover it with an Otterbox defender like I have with my current Blackberry Z30.

    I find the Otterbox adds so much bulk and hides the whole colour of the phone but, I need a holster option.

    Anyone ever try the Pelican Voyager? Seems to be one of the very few clear case/ holster combo's I can find.

    If you have a better suggestion, I would appreciate some guidance. I have ordered the Otterbox statement case and it just arrived but, I am not sure I love it. I figured I would look for a leather holster that fits this case but fear this may be challenging. I am someone who buys a case and keeps it for the life of the phone. I don't want to keep switching. I would prefer a case and holster that are designed to work together and protect this expensive phone.

    I am in Canada near Toronto so anyone who has a locally available option, I would appreciate your advice.

    What screen protectors are people using also?
    10-12-2016 03:26 PM

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