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    Default Re: iPhone 7 plus Verizon bad reception

    Quote Originally Posted by alengman View Post
    Anyone experiencing issues with Verizon iPhone 7 plus with bad reception. I seem to have issues when traveling as in switching towers. My connections drops and it takes a few minutes to reconnect. I'm currently in a place now and I'm getting 1x and my wife's iPhone 6s Plus is getting LTE. I tried resetting network settings but that didn't work.
    My wife's and my iPhone 7 are both getting horrible reception compared to our 6s's. Dropping calls, much lower bars than in same places with the 6s. New iPhone was supposed to be better, faster network and it is worse.
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    Default Re: iPhone 7 plus Verizon bad reception

    I hope problem solved b4 large numbers of 7+ arrive at most vzw stores.
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    Default Re: iPhone 7 plus Verizon bad reception

    Quote Originally Posted by mach1man View Post
    Go into cellular > cellular data options > then enable LTE for data only

    It works, yes losing the ability to talk and surf the web at the same time sucks but at least this way you don't have to worry about the "no service" message. I've done this and it work.
    I did this with my 7 and it improved a bit, at least the percentage for " no cell service " went down ..
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    Default Re: iPhone 7 plus Verizon bad reception

    Quote Originally Posted by decypher44 View Post
    The news is starting to spread. Google "Iphone 7 Verizon poor reception". Medium-major tech sites are now covering it. It's a pretty big issue (widespread). Of course, Verizon and Apple are pointing fingers at each other. Sorry, boys, but playing the blame game doesn't help the consumer. Collaborate for a fix.

    Interesting that I don't see any articles on imore about this yet. I was hoping they would. They are pretty good at getting official responses.

    And PLEASE - if you are having issues, please make sure to officially report it to BOTH Verizon and Apple!
    Yes, I've seen that. Would be nice if someone made an official statement. I know I'm with AT&T and not Verizon, but I am going to guess it's an Apple issue bc I'm experiencing issues on my 7 as well.
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    Default Re: iPhone 7 plus Verizon bad reception

    Interestingly enough, I live in a fairly rural area where I am frequently switching towers and being in low reception areas. I have yet to experience any issues that I have noticed.
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    Default Re: iPhone 7 plus Verizon bad reception

    I spoke to VZ today and they are very aware of the issue. They are working on a fix. The supervisor I spoke to added my number to what she said was a very long list of complaints. She stated that I would receive a text when a fix has been deployed.

    As another poster mentioned, it is important that everyone having issues call to let them know. She said the more they hear the faster they act.
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