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    Default iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S Plus?

    Hi, as a long term android user (for 3 years now, currently using the s7 edge) I have now decided to go back to iOS for a while, haven’t used it since the iPhone 5, but I just can’t decide between the iPhone 7 32GB and the iPhone 6s plus 64GB (don’t want to spend a lot).

    My usage is pretty basic I don’t worry a lot about storage since I save most of my pics and videos on my PC/Cloud, music takes up to 5gb max + streaming services (Spotify + google play music) and most apps I install are lightweight, I am not into mobile gaming and on my android devices apps take up to 6GB (cache included).

    Now my biggest concern is the battery life, I hear that the one on smaller iPhones is terrible while the Plus models offer a greater battery life. I use my phone moderately to heavily when outside or at work (mobile data on, mails & web browsing, calls, texting, music etc.) but when home my usage is pretty moderate to light. My second concern is the display, being used to a QHD I am afraid that the resolution on the regular iPhone might not look that good to me, size doesn’t matter a lot (in terms of handling).

    What’s making me skeptical about the iPhone 6S Plus is how future proof the device is in terms of performance and possible resale value when it’s time to upgrade to the next 2017 iPhone.

    Obviously the 7 is more future proof and it could be good enough for me if the battery can last 12h per day at least, I always charge my phone on a daily basis before sleep anyway because I need it at full capacity in the morning.

    Finally, what I am looking for the most is experiencing iOS and taking a break from android for a while, who knows! Might end up using iPhones for longer than expected. Any advice based on your personal experience or knowledge is very helpful, which one should I get and why?

    Thank you !
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    Default Re: iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S Plus?

    The battery on my 6S+ has been nothing short of extraordinary. I consider myself a fairly heavy user: a couple of games, podcasts, emails/social media postings, general surfing, etc. I usually unplug the phone around 6 am and when I go to bed after a typical day, around 11 pm, I still have around 40% battery left. As for "future proof", this phone should be well supported for several more years, and iPhones generally retain their resell value for a much longer time than other devices.
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    Default iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S Plus?

    I'm a longtime android user and just switched last night from a Samsung s7 edge. Just grabbed the 6s plus. It's quite a bit different but looking forward to the change. Most importantly the battery life. It hasn't been stellar so far but after it settles in will be the real test.
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    Default Re: iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S Plus?

    I have been an Android user for 7 years and switched to an iPhone 6S+ about a month ago. I came from using Nexus and Motorola phones and have had qHD displays on my last 3 Androids. The 6S+ display is excellent and I don't miss qHD at all. I am coming from a Motorola Droid Turbo 2 which had a huge battery even by Android standards and the battery life on the 6S+ is noticeably better.

    If you are worried about software support, don't. My work phone is a 2013 iPhone 5c that got the iOS 10 update the same day as the 6S+. That is on a 3+ year old device that was mid range when it was released. Granted, it's not as smooth as the 6S+, but certainly functional.

    As far as the iOS experience from a long time Android users perspective, It has been overwhelmingly positive. I have caught myself thinking "So this is how a mobile operating system is supposed to work" a number of times.

    I went with the 6S+ because I thought it was a better value and was, in my opinion, 95% of the iPhone 7. The extra cost for the 7 just wasn't worth the gain to me. I have a excellent device that has been a great jumping off point to experience iOS and I'm set up to upgrade to whatever Apple releases next year.
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    Default Re: iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S Plus?

    Why not wait the next iretation coming out next year? 10th Anniversary, It must be a big news.
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    Default Re: iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S Plus?

    I've been a long time iOS user and part time Android user (currently have a Moto X Play (2015) and Galaxy S7). I picked up a 6s Plus the other day instead of getting/waiting for the 7. I'm not concerned about future proofing; Apple has been good about supporting devices with OS updates, and I'll probably be getting a new phone in 2 years anyway. I expect the 6s Plus to get *at least* 2 more iOS versions beyond 10.
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    Default Re: iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S Plus?

    S7 edge should more suits with ip7 plus (from waterproof and camera feature), in my opinion ..
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    Default Re: iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S Plus?

    7 Plus

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