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    Default Smooth scrolling?

    I've noticed my iPhone 6S Plus is less smooth at scrolling than my iPhone 5S on iOS8. The 6S Plus judders/stutters when scrolling has started and only for a fraction of a second, but it does it frequently (almost on each page/screen. It happens when scrolling through twitter feeds, emails etc., so it isn't just one app that it happens in.

    Anyone know whether this is a problem with iOS9, hardware, or is there a setting I can adjust to smooth (slow?) it down? Or have I got a lemon?
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    Default Smooth scrolling?

    It might be a software/hardware problem. Never experienced such a thing with any of my iPhones.
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    Default Re: Smooth scrolling?

    I'm not experiencing any stuttering. I've checked Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr with no noticeable stuttering. The iMore app seemed to stutter, but that was probably because I hadn't used it in a few days it was trying to update the threads in this forum while I was trying to scroll.

    Try exiting out of all apps and reboot the phone and see if that clears it up.
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    Default Re: Smooth scrolling?

    My 6s Plus doesn't stutter. It's smooth. It did a bit when I first got it. Also lagged. I had set it up with my iPhone 5 back up. Mistake. After 3 days I restored as new. No back up. Been smooth since.
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    Default Re: Smooth scrolling?

    It happens mostly when u r connected to electricity

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