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    Default iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus - What To Go With?

    So I played with an iPhone 6 all weekend and it is hands down the greatest smartphone Iíve ever seen. *Iím giddy about it, really. I havenít been this giddy for an iPhone since 2007ís 1st generation. This phone is 100% perfect in every way. Itís smooth, itís sexy, itís fast, the screen real estate is wonderful. The shape, the lookÖ itís all 100% perfect. Married and built for iOS 8 only makes it the greatest device ever.*I've written plenty about Apple products, and for the first time ever I can not find a flaw in the new iPhone 6.

    As for me personally, I ordered an iPhone 6 Plus.*Why? Iím coming from a 3.5Ē screen which is flat out Ďoldí now. ALL smart phones are 4Ē +, and I feel my old phone is really showing its age. Also, I travel a lot for work nowadays and I am finding myself using my iPhone (and iPad) all the time. So after seeing a mock up of the 6 Plus compared to the 6, no decision was bad - in my opinion. SoÖ I will get the bigger one! Kinda like buying a TV.*Get the bigger one.*

    I also just saw a 6 Plus in person and I am so happy I went with it.*Itís big, but itís not obnoxious like the comparable Android phones. Thatís not a dig at ĎAndroidí, as that is software - itís a dig at any and all non-Apple phones that are in the 5.5Ē hardware category.*Software be damned, hardware is hardware. The new 6 Plus is brilliant, itís as sexy as the 6, feels as thin, the weight ratio is perfect, and the screen is beautiful. And, going against one of my biggest fears - it fit in my jeans pocket just fine.*It was amazing.

    The phone married with the iOS 8 landscape feature is brilliant, and only the 6 Plus offers that. Iíve always wanted to use my iPhone in landscape at times, (itís logical if you are coming from an app thatís in landscape). The camera is better, and watching video on the 6 Plus is Ďfinallyí what itís all about. It feels like watching video magically in your hand. Again not since the first iPhone have I been giddy about an iPhone as a technology. Itís flat out brilliant. As soon as it was in my hands I smiled ear-to-ear. A couple of other praises? Sure. If you have bigger hands youíll love the iPhone 6 Plus. If you want to SEE everything on your screen and then some, youíll love the iPhone 6 Plus.*I donít have to strain at viewing something or wish my screen was Ďjust a bit biggerí.

    Itís big, but not obnoxious. Itís sexy.

    Bottom line, in choosing between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, you can't go wrong.
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    Default Re: iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus - What To Go With?

    Excellent point, and thank you for sharing....

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