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    Default PSA when relocating outside US with Verizon iPhone 5

    I moved from the US back to Canada earlier this year, and took my Verizon iPhone 5 with me - not an issue as it had come unlocked (no LTE, but 3G was far more acceptable than the States). Yesterday I was settled on the backyard patio due to it being a gorgeous day in Montreal when my iPhone managed to slip out my pocket. It must have flipped right over after hitting the ground because I was staring at my first-ever shattered screen. Luckily I had AppleCare+ and could go straight to the local store...but it wasn't that simple unfortunately.

    Canadian Apple stores cannot accept Verizon models for exchange, even though I was willing to switch to GSM-only as I'm not using my Verizon account atm. Nor do they do screen replacements on site (yet) - that's US only for now apparently. Their suggestion was to call Apple and get a replacement shipped. When I did (and was transferred to the US department) I was told they could only ship to a US address. Very frustrating.

    As luck would have it my aunt is coming to visit Monday so I ended up giving them her address to ship the phone. My closest US Apple store is probably Albany and that's not near the border, so not exactly a great option (no Burlington VT yet sadly - at least that'd be worth the day trip).

    Anyway, I wanted to share this as a warning for those relocating with Verizon iPhones in particular. If it had been an AT&T model, I believe they would have been able to service it like a US store. I really didn't want a case but I guess I don't have a choice now. What does concern me thinking about it is, what if it was a hardware failure and not my fault? I'd still be in the same situation. Not good.
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    Default Re: PSA when relocating outside US with Verizon iPhone 5

    Oh dang, that's messed up and very unfortunate. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and I hope you get your new replacement device soon. Take care...
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    Default Re: PSA when relocating outside US with Verizon iPhone 5

    Policies at Apple stores are unfortunately very strict. But I am surprised about them not shipping to Canada.
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    Default Re: PSA when relocating outside US with Verizon iPhone 5

    Gotta love carriers that lock their phone to a standard no one else on the planet (and anyone else in the US not on that carrier) uses.

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