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    Default Re: Stolen iPhone 5 stolen then recovered after i had already received new phone. What to do now?

    Yeah it said its a non refundable charge but it'll still work and I'll buy it from u
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    Default Re: Stolen iPhone 5 stolen then recovered after i had already received new phone. What to do now?

    Quote Originally Posted by XxMatrixX22 View Post
    Just finished reading this whole thread. So basically after the 15 days "Grace Period", even if you return your "lost" phone, the insurance company will not return the $185 deductible? Therefore leaving "NO INCENTIVES" whatsoever for us to return the re-found phone.

    From what I read, it seems pretty fair not to return it. You're better off trying to get back your deductible by selling the phone yourself on eBay or Craiglist.

    There's only two options:

    1. Return the newly found phone and lose $185 and a phone (maybe another $300). Assurion 2 | 0 Customer

    2. Keep the newly found phone, since they won't return back your money anyways and only lose $185. However you still have a chance of making that money back by selling the phone. Assurion 1 | 1 Customer <-- EVEN!

    Option 2 seems like the fairest to me. Keeping in mind the fact that this service is NOT FREE, we pay a monthly fee for the insurance policy to Assurion. Plus there's no damage done, both you and Assurion are happy, since assurion has no idea that you found the phone anyways. No damage done.

    For those of you guys that pick option 1, please feel free to do so and I respect your choice. However don't judge me if I sit back and laugh while you lose $500 - $600 for been so righteous.


    I think you're confusing which phone the deductible is for. The deductible is for the replacement phone not the "lost" phone that was found. The insurance company has no obligation to refund the deductible (for the replacement phone) just because the "lost" phone is turned in. You're supposed to turn it in anyways per the guidelines.
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