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    Default iPhone 5, 5 months later

    First time in a long time I'm not looking at switching to another device. Love this phone so much. So glad I got the 64 GB model and glad that I have it Verizon. I'm definitely keeping this until the iPhone 6 comes out. No 5S for me.

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    Default iPhone 5, 5 months later

    Have had multiple androids and tried a windows phone briefly but I am happiest with this. Love it even more since jail breaking it.
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    Default iPhone 5, 5 months later

    Love it! LTE is great, especially for the hotspot. My battery life is 2x my 4s, and is surprises me to hear people complain about it. I get 1.5 to 2 full days and I am a heavy user. I am on wifi a lot however.

    The screen did not really do much to me, but the speed of the processor is nice.

    Very reliable phone, which is key.
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    Default iPhone 5, 5 months later

    I love it. It's my 4th iPhone and 6th cellphone and it's the best iPhone yet. The screen size and design is perfect. It was a gutsy move for Apple to change things up after years of sameness, but I'm glad they did. I wish every app developer would optimize their apps for the screen size.
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    Default Re: iPhone 5, 5 months later

    To the OP:

    When I am here, I want to be *here* rather than following links to posters' personal site(s). Kind of the point of the thread - and of the whole forum. And yeah, I want to read through the whole forum to see many viewpoints, not just one. The occasional link deep within a thread is one thing. Starting a new thread with a link out to your own site comes off differently (intent notwithstanding), and not all that well. If you want to blog, blog. If you come to a forum, the whole point is to share it here.
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    Default iPhone 5, 5 months later

    I'm still enjoying the 5 tremendously. One little thing I think I missed initially is that it appears that your usage/standby times don't automatically become the dashes when you power off. Seems that only happens when you restart via home+awake! This is a VERY good thing.
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    Default Re: iPhone 5, 5 months later

    I get mine hopefully next week. Going to wait to the display protector and case comes before I go buy it. Getting Applecare too this time. I had to get my 4 replaced twice. Once for the home button not working. Then with the refurb unit, the volume rocker quit working 17 days after the warranty. Apple still replaced it. So once I get the 5, I have it for how ever long. I want it for LTE
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    Default Re: iPhone 5, 5 months later

    I love it.

    Had the Galaxy S II for a couple months and then pre-ordered the iPhone 5. Got it the second day it came out. I had to have it replaced twice (dead pixel and light leaking) and both times Apple was more than happy to provide me with a brand new unit. I love how fast the actual phone is, LTE (although it's a battery drainer), the apps, the camera, pretty much everything.
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    Default Re: iPhone 5, 5 months later

    I am still happy with my iPhone 5. It's not the best phone out there, it's not the best OS out there. I switched to Verizon and sorely miss call waiting and simultaneous voice/data. I only switched providers because the company pays Verizon, but not AT&T bills. I wanted LTE, so the choice was simple.

    iOS needs to get the ball rolling though. There are several features that competitors have that Apple could improve upon.
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    Default Re: iPhone 5, 5 months later

    I decided to sell the 5 and got a GS3. Android is alight but do miss iOS apps. Main reason I left iOS is because of iTunes you were tied down to it to add items to your phone and removable battery which I'm a heavy user and got a extended battery which lasts all day for me.

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