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    Default Buying from the US to bring back to the UK?

    I'm off to New York in a few weeks and was thinking of buying an iPhone 5 unlocked but have a few questions;

    a)With it being unlocked, will it work in the UK as normal as if I bought it there? I know that might seem an obvious question to some but I just want to be 100% sure

    b)What is the likely-hood of me being able to go into an apple store and buy one there? i.e do I need to pre-order 1st or just walk in and pick one up there & then.

    c)Is there anything else I might need to know if I get one and bring it back to the UK. I'm aware of possible import tax at the airport
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    Default Re: Buying from the US to bring back to the UK?

    First thing to note is that you need one that is AT&T compatible as the Verizon phones use different frequencies than we do here in the UK. I bought an AT&T iphone 4 in LA when they came out and it worked fine over here.

    I missed tax as I put the empty box in my suitcase and carried the phone on me.
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    Default Buying from the US to bring back to the UK?

    Which phone to get depends on if you want 3G or LTE. An AT&T or Verizon iPhone 5 should work on 3G GSM pretty much world-wide. LTE is a different story-carrier frequency bands are all over the place. I believe that Apple is selling 3 iPhone 5 variants: 1) worldwide 3G GSM and primarily US AT&T LTE frequencies, maybe Canada LTE as well, 2) US CDMA for Verizon or Sprint, worldwide 3G GSM, Verizon, Sprint, and various intl LTE frequencies, and 3) same as #2 without the US CDMA.

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