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    Default Screen Protection

    I am getting the 5 like many here. I have a 4 at present And have always had a screen protector on it. Am I being over cautious or is it really necessary? I have seen arguments for both. Thoughts?
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    I have been without a screen protector for a year and all is fine. I'm just careful with it when I pocket it nothing else goes in with it.

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    I've never used screen protectors on any of my phones (iPhone since '08). To me, it changes the feel of sliding finger(s) across the screen and I don't like it. I've never had an issues with not having one and my 2 children use my phone often.
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    I had a ghost armor screen protector on my iPhone 4 that I purchased on launch day (june 2010) ... for about 3 days... it started bubbling and I said "screw it" and ripped it off. Been naked ever since.

    It's definitely overkill, IMO.
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    Screen protector is must for iPhone. It protects your screen from dust and water. If your want waterproof screen protector then iPhone waterproof -
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