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    Default Messed up location

    My iPhone seems to have a faulty or messed up location

    One minute it'll detect my real current location, then some random time it'll sat I'm in somewhere else within about 40 miles near me.

    It happens on both wifi and 3G, and I've tried toggling location services, and restored multiple times to 5.0.1.

    Very inconvenient as it may affect find my iPhone and be very unreliable. Any tips to fix it. It'll be very inconvenient to send my phone to apple.

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    That is a little weird. Using only my home wifi, i'll get some location errors. Maybe 3 miles off at most, but 40 is absurd.

    Where on the planet are you? And don't look at your iphone for the answer. Lol
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    Have you restored as new or from back up?

    There isn't really anything else you can do. If resetting, then restoring, and finally restoring as new do not fix it the only other option is getting it replaced by Apple.
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    If you are sitting inside a house or building the gps is not seeing the satelites properly, instead it is bouncing you off the local tower.

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