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    Question iPhone newbie here seeking basic iPhone 4S/5 information

    Hey everyone,

    I plan on buying my first ever smartphone in the very near future - mostly likely whatever new iPhone is announced tomorrow.

    If they announce a iPhone 4S or an iPhone 5 tomorrow, and it's clearly superior to the iPhone 4, I'm going to get one.

    Here's what I don't know though.

    1. How do I get one? Meaning, will they be sold directly through the carriers like AT&T and Verizon? Or do I have to buy it off an Apple website, and then get redirected to the carrier sites? (Not planning on walking into a store to buy one - was hoping to just do everything online and having it shipped to me)

    2. I'm assuming these phones will be discounted if you get the locked ones via a carrier, along with 2-year calling/data plan contracts. Are we talking around $250? Or are we talking over $300 with a 2-year contract tacked on? I have no idea what the iPhone 4 debuted at, but I'm assuming that the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 will be in the same ballpark, with the contracts included.

    3. Or are these things sold unlocked at full price and it's up to us to find a carrier?

    (Sorry if this sounds newbish. The only cell phone I've ever owned has been a basic, 3-year old Nokia flip-phone via AT&T Go Phone plan. Obviously, getting an iPhone 4S/5 will be a HUGE upgrade for me.)

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    There will be multiple ways to get ahold of the new iPhone when it drops. They might be hard to come by during the initial rush though. Verizon, AT&T and Sprint (?) will do pre-orders at some point before the launch. Not really sure how the Apple store launches work. I just know there will be long lines. I read that they started selling the iPhone 4 unlocked a few months back, so they probably will do the same for the next one as well. That will set you back almost $700-$800. The iPhone 4 sold for $199-$299 (depending on the storage) when a two year contract was signed with Verizon or AT&T. I would imagine that pricing won't change much, if at all for the new one.
    Happy hunting.

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