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    Default iPhone 4 32GB not charging, what can I do?

    Hello everyone, i'm new here!

    Só guys i got the next thing don't know if is a problem or is normal?

    My iphone had an problem on a charging connector at main board it was ript off but all the connectors pads at board where intact so i toke my board to an professional shop where are specialized techniques they soldered that connector with a new connector for battery and it looks just like factory but stronger now! and i was happy with work they did, they soldered with microscope and professional tools. Now they tested and all is working proper, so i toke the board hope and put all together and turned on phone and all was fine working perfect, but my battary was about 4% or 3% when i turned it off on day that was going to fix board, when i put all together i was bit on phone till it shot down since battery where at zero.

    I got now problem to charge since my charger plug is original from apple but the USB cable is not origianl and i belive the problem of charging is lay on that since my phone is running on the IOS (7.1.1) i belive this also have to do with the charging problem, so i plug the phone on the back and then it show the battery logo then its go away from screen and nothing eals i waited for cuple minuts and nothing i don't know if this is normal or not ?

    But just in case i ordered a original USB cable for my iphone and now somthing like in 4 days it will be here at home then i have to see, but guys what you think about this ?

    Thank you so much guys!

    Hope to hear from you all soon

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    Default iphone 4 32gb not charging ?

    Welcome to iMore

    Seeing as it's an i4 I would have bought a new battery seeing as you had it all apart already but here's hoping your problem is solved when your cable arrives
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    Default re:

    Hey thanks mate!

    Yha i hope also, but the thing is the battery is also new i forgot to mention and is an original battery that was taken from an iphone 4 white that was from suisse, and is okay i allrady had it working with it and is just like new one I would like to know if is no problem till i get my new 30 pin usb cable to use this one not original usb cable ? my original have 30 pin but 6 golden pins in the original usb cable this one fake is only 4 i belive, will be this an issue ? i just want to turn phone back and use it till my original apple cable arive.

    Thanks and hope to hear soon from you

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