I am a suffer of very bad, frequent migraines. Before my iphone I was a bb owner I had tons of control over my volume. I could set each application to not only its own sound but its own level of sound. When I got my iphone (almost 1.5 years ago now) I discovered I could no longer do this. A little disaopointed but otherwise happy I went on my way. My migranes have got to a point of unbarablness. I can't handle my phone making ticking noises. I have tried diffrent notification sounds nothing works. I need to know if thiers anyway, wether it be through an app or through jail breaking it that I can set my ringtone to stay louder and my application (txt, fb, mail, whatsapp) to be at a much quiter level. I have the iphone 4. Up to date and its not jail broken. Any thoughts would help me out! Thanks