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    Default Searching... No Signal... and looping...


    My iPhone saga is like this...

    I had an iPhone bought sometime end of last year... worked fine except after maybe 5 months the Home button started to have the double click problem when it only recognizes as a click... did everything i go do to try to troubleshoot it and fix it. None worked so I went in and exchanged my iPhone.


    As I learned after, Apple doesn't fix the problem but rather changes your phone for a refurbished one... I have nothing against refurbished phones, but I do have against faulty ones.

    The first phone I got seemed to work fine until I started noticing the wifi reception was crap, then it went to null... Basically i had to be 5cm (not exaggerating) from the router or AP to have 1 bar of wifi...

    Went in and exchanged for a new one... This time I took my laptop and went to a shopping mall with WIFI to test all the features of the phone... Everything was fine and I was happy!

    After about 3 weeks of use instead of the noise of my alarm clock I heard something that would sound like static... i Thought the phone went crazy so i rebooted, cold restarted it, everything... And still every time some sound was expected from the speaker only a weird noise would come out as if the speaker just blew.

    Here i go again to change my phone... I get a new one already suspicious that I'm going to get a faulty one again... because apparently the people that work in reassembling the iPhones in China are idiots...

    The new phone, the one i have right now started to work a bit weird with very bad reception, I thought it was a problem from the network since i was in the middle of Poland, more precisely in Lodz. I bought a cover since I didn't take one from the city i work in, Poznan, and with the cover things seemed to be more calm and working more normally. Then i started to notice the phone sometimes losing network from full bars to Searching... And then after 1 week it was sitting on my desk I was looking at it and BUM! Searching... No Signal... and loops back to Searching... No Signal... Again i have tried restarting, disabling 3G, Cellular Data, nothing works...

    So here I go again to change my iPhone...

    To summarize...

    Original iPhone 4 - Button Problems
    1st Replacement iPhone 4 - Wifi signal problems
    2nd Replacement iPhone 4 - Speaker stopped working
    3rd Replacement iPhone 4 - Doesn't get any GSM signal (3G or 2G)

    Let's see what surprise Apple reserved me for my 5th iPhone 4...
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    What could have happened is the internal antenna connector could have come undone from the phones board. Its a very small white wire just below and to the left of the battery connector. This connects the antenna to the board.
    Remove the battery door. Then remove the screw for the battery. Pop out the battery, remove the small metal piece below and to the left of the battery terminal. This covers the antenna cable and its connector. Its a white cable with a silver connector thats very small. Make sure this is secured to the board.
    My guess is if it was loose you would have signal, or intermittent signal, but one bump or jarring motion of the phone could have permanently loosened it.
    Its just a guess but its a starting place.

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